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"Where there is friendship and affection...there is the place we can all call home."- Jennifer Worth



COME EXPLORE! Roam our forests, play in the river, eat,
enjoy conversation, hot tub under the stars, meditate, pray, dance, sing,
and of course... savor peace, quiet, nature and bliss.

"When I came to Sahale, I felt wound up, withdrawn into myself, and had fallen away from many creative outlets. Coming to Sahale turned out to be what I needed at the time. In particular, my time there gave me the chance to slow down and rediscover my love of nature. I had found myself in a position where I had to reconsider and compromise my relationship with nature. Sahale’s natural and healing surroundings gave me the chance to once again appreciate nature and its inherent beauty.

With love and gratitude. – Jeremy



Our mission is to provide sanctuary, relationship and learning experiences for the people and sustainability for the land – which lives up to our Chinook name, Sahale – Heaven on Earth!



Sahale is couched in beauty... Sahale Learning Center is also an Village, with a dozen residents, valuing permaculture principles, integrating human activities with the land, supporting human development and conscientious stewardship of all living things.



Just 20 minutes from Belfair, WA. Sahale is an easy drive from Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and the Olympic Peninsula.



Sahale’s 68 acres hold many gifts; a quiet forest, an old orchard of many fruits and a magical sacred grove of ancient cedars. The ever-changing Tahuya River refreshes us; a bubbling spring quenches our thirst; and a quiet pond stills us. Held close by hills and forest, we enjoy the open vista over our valley.


We share this land with deer, black bear, beaver, fox, mink, river otter and many species of birds – eagles, hawks, owls, heron, waxwings, woodpeckers, kingfisher and more. Coyotes sing down the valley at night. The river is home to a strong run of salmon that can be seen spawning in the fall. Hiking trails are nearby.



Our abundant meals feature home-grown organic produce from our gardens. Groups may choose to cook their own meals in our well-equipped kitchen.



We are committed to serving the needs of your group.



The Goodenough Community, which sponsors Sahale, is a 501c3 educational organization that has been developing for over 40 years as an association of people who value the importance of community to a healthy society. We define community as “a comprehensive methodology for personal and social transformation.” We are a caring and healing environment for a learning/ training laboratory for more effective living. 


sahale's gift

"Walk this land and be silent. It will heal you day by day. Be still and listen, to all she has to say.

  Go slow and gentle, you will know your way. Walk this land and be silent, she will heal you day by day."

  – Greg Garabarino


Enjoy this lovely virtual tour.  At Sahale we experience serenity couched in beauty. We have deep and ongoing gratitude for our life here welcoming families, groups, couples & visitors to share with us.

Beyond exploring our 68 acres, you are close enough to poke around the Puget Sound, experience the Hood Canal, scale the tallest peaks in the Olympics or sip a perfect Pinot. 

BBQ & Fire Pit
Outdoor Hot-tubs
enviro friendly
Showers & baths

“My heart is feeling full from the beauty of Sahale, so much of it natural but also much of it attended by so many loving hands to make it something quite extraordinary. My heart expanded with love and gratitude for the community, each one of YOU who makes the community what it is, and the remarkable gift that is Sahale.”  

– Sue Marie

“Dear Good Folks of Sahale, Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality. We were wandering in the wilderness and you gave us refuge! Blessings.”  

– Dharma Buddies

“Sahale is a place that helps me get away from the city and happily revert back to nature, a place where I find peace of mind. It is extra special to be so generously welcomed and embraced by the Goodenough Community, "good wood" folks and intentional stewards of the land.”  

– John

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