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What kind of gathering do you want in the forest, under the stars?

Create your own event, or join one of ours. Sahale is a great place for family and youth events. You can camp, swim, hike, and cook by campfire, or stay in home-like facilities with full kitchen. 


Let us  help you plan your own event, and consider joining one or more annual events we offer to the public,

including the Men's and Women's Culture Events  and Human Relations Laboratory.


We can help you


Envision your dream for the event


Plan and manage your budget with many money-saving ideas


Design and produce your invitations


Cater a menu of your choice


Coordinate with your vendors


Photograph and video record the event


and house your guests.

“One of my favorite things about Sahale is actually driving there. I take the back woods way in and leave along the water route. Both are calming and beautiful drives. They prepare me for my stay at Sahale. I always enjoy seeing all the added touches when I arrive. It is well tended. Its only 45 minutes from my house, but seems like a different reality when I'm there. I live in the river, love the cedar grove and one time heard several owls in the trees. Everyone I have encountered there that are in some way in relationship to Sahale have been very accepting and welcoming!” –Kelly

“One of the most beautiful spots to lay your head, walk with bare feet, or wade in the water. Sahale's grounds are as welcoming as its people. Thank you for providing such a community space, even for people who are not part of the Goodenough Community. Like summer camp for adults.”  – Sophie

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