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Dedicated June 8, 2002 to our Brother, Beaver Chief


"Give thanks for everything.

This life is a blessing.

Find your balance inside your

own darkness and light.

Know you are not alone...

Find your spiritual family and

love them with all your heart and soul..."


Beaver Chief.    JAN 15, 1956 – JUN 8, 2001



Beaver Chief, preserver of the past and illuminator of the future, was a unique, multifaceted, uninhibited Northwest Coast Native American, descended from a long line of Shamans and Chiefs who have passed the accumulated wisdom, known as the Traditional Teachings, from generation to generation for many thousands of years.


He was gifted with a special ability to see clearly into the inner nature of world happenings. He traveled and lectured throughout much of the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Europe. He said that many of our difficulties with crime, pollution, economics, etc., start with the lack of teaching our children good family values such as love and respect for one another in the family, in the

community and in the world.


In his book "A HANDBOOK FOR HUMAN BEINGS" Beaver Chief says:


"I am a bridge; a bridge to help you understand our culture and combine it with your own...not to replace it but to combine it."


His purpose in this life was " plant seeds that help people to be more responsible for their actions and thoughts inside their

everyday lives." –Harriet Langsford

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