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68 Acres of Serenity, 20 minutes south of Belfair, WA


This land is overflowing with gifts for those who stop and listen.

Walk through our quiet forest, sit beneath the 200 year old ring of cedar trees, listen to the sound of the Tahuya River. The river refreshes us, two springs quench our thirst, and a pond stills us. We enjoy soaking in our 2 cedar wood hot tubs (clothing optional) and looking out over the valley vista, or up above at the brilliant starry skies. This is truly a manifestation of many dreams, many years of hard work, and many acts of kindness, service, and celebration. 


It is also an intentional community

with 8 full-time residents and many others who consider it a second home. We find a lot of inspiration from the EcoVillage model, and we try to live harmoniously with ourselves, each other, and the environment that holds us. We provide sanctuary, learning opportunities, and friendship to many visitors each year, human and nonhuman. We're growing food, more each year. We've also made a commitment to ecological awareness, and are moving slowly but surely into more sustainable systems. 

It represents a part of a larger nonresidential community whose work over the past 47 years has been centered around human relationships and personal growth. Many of the members have been learning and growing together for 30+ years, and are still going strong. As one of the younger and newer members, I can say that it has been a privilege and gift to have the chance to learn from this deep well of experience. This is one of the longest lasting intentional communities in the US, and there are reasons that it has continued for so long.


We are currently looking for workawayers who can stay for a month or more. We take dinners together as a community most nights and clean the hearth together too. This is the type of help we seek for 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week:

Gardening, Building, Cooking / shopping, General Maintenance, Farming, Help with Eco project, Forestry, Guest preparations, Room Cleaning, Help in the house, Animal care.

Please visit our Workaway page for more details. 


Man Wearing Tool Belt

What a wonderful experience. You won't be just a volunteer. The community has a emphasis on spirituality but much, much more. You are made to feel accepted for who you are and appreciated for what you do from day one.


It is a family and in all families feathers do get ruffled from time to time, but there is more than enough positive energy to smooth them out. I came with a one month commitment and stayed just short of four month. I also plan on returning in the autumn. I feel I still have some work to do. I rarely go back to the same host twice.


I would like to thank each and every staff member, volunteer, resident, member and friend of the Goodenough Community for their patience with me. I wish them clear skies plus a little adventure.


Few words exist to describe how truly magical this place is. Not only is the land simply stunning, full of hidden gems and tranquil sanctuaries, but the people (even those who come and go) are hands down the most genuine and loving folks. I am beyond blessed to have spent time at Sahale!

Not a day passes where you don't learn something new, where you aren't laughing or connecting with people, where you aren't giving thanks for the beauty of theplace. The list is infinite. There are so many good things to say about this property and the people who inhabit it.

Thank you endlessly. My heart is so full from this experience. Thank you, my second family. — Summer 2017


The opportunity to workaway at Sahale is unique and spectacular. To start, we would give this place the entire universe of stars ratings if it were an option. Words cannot describe how incredible it is. We went looking for a place to work, crash, and eat, and we left reborn with a new family. This place is truly enchanting. It was not only a space to build life-long relationships; it opened our eyes to the world around us and inside of us. The people there are all just as wonderful as the environment they live in. Each one has such a unique and passionate soul, and together they have created a beautiful tapestry of a community.

We learned so much being there, including how to make sourdough pancakes, how to chop wood, the dos and don't of gardening and permaculture, how to get in touch with nature, and so much more. As a workaway you are assigned duties to accomplish each day, but the work never quite feels like work. The community of Sahale come together to maintain the beautiful gardens, shared spaces, and structures spread out over the 68 acres. This experience is as much about human connection as it is about sharing your skills.We just left and we miss it already. 

Thank you so much to the wonderful people that have impacted our lives in such a beautiful and profound way. We love you all very much. 
We left Sahale with life long friends and plan to return at least once every year.  Sahale is indeed heaven on Earth.  — Summer 2017

LIU 28

You know…before I got to here, I already had feelings that this gonna be awesome. And now I'm here to tell you that my intuition was right.This is a sacred land where is rich with wild life, the salmons coming up the river, huge cedar trees, quiete pond with tattail and canoes, old tree house, friendly deer chillin' under apple trees, wild blueberries, beautiful night sky, and calming rain drops. It is all truth! and the cojmmunit is made of beautiful sould with great sense of humor, talented culinary skill, wisdom and everyone with different backgrounds but committed to share the time and energy together for personal growth, and help each other and build the future for next generation and holding space for kids like me to stop by and learn, contribute, share, express, explore and laugh. I've lived fully when I was here, there are lots of music instruments, outdoor activity tools, art and craft supplies and lots of meaningful powerful books. And plenty of VERY good food. Always! They make the work projects easy and practicable, I don't feel like that I worked at all actually, I feel that I've contributed to something great, and that makes me happy, that we both got something form this exchange that we cross our souls paths it's always there for me, see y'all later;) — Summer 2017


I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity I had to meet and work alongside the wonderful people of the the Community. I arrived the day their annual childern's camp started, and was granted the privelege of leading a daily nature exploration activity. The leadership (Irene and Colette) acknowledged and appreciated me for my skills and prior experiences, and created an opportunity to try something new that provided mutual growth for both the campers and myself. During my stay, I was checked in with on a consistent basis, my tricky dietary needs were cared for, and I was given some time to catch up on some rest from a busy week prior to my arrival at the ecovillage. I felt very safe, respected, and appreciated. Considering I arrived at a time of peak activity, the communication and organization of the leadership was quite impressive. The community members were all caring and interested in connecting with each other on a meaningful level. I engaged in numerous thought provoking and stimulating conversations. I received creativity coaching. I met other Workaways from around the country. I canoed down the Tahuya River. I explored Olympic National Park. I left with renewed inspiration, direction, and lasting influence from all of these experiences. I hope to return for next summer camp 2018! Clearly, I highly recommend this Workaway host. If you're interested in personal growth, community, and nature, this is the place to volunteer. There is much more I could add, but I'll leave some of the magic to ~mystery~Thank you all for everything. — Summer 2017

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